Thursday, October 09, 2008

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Elegumus is a business style template for the Blogger platform. The download package is exclusively available for purchase from Theme Forest, and contains two different color schemes: Elegumus Dark and Elegumus Neutral, so you can choose and adapt the style which is most suitable for your needs.

Features of this Blogger theme

  • Integrated navigation links and working search function above the header
  • Adapted so you can upload your own logo (or modify the logo provided with the theme) while still displaying a blog description.
  • Home Page contains content section where you can add product details/links to important pages/other useful widgets.
  • Integrated JavaScript to ensure home page widgets all appear of equal height (to ensure your design is harmonious)
  • Built-in tabbed sidebar widget using the Yahoo! Tab View API. This displays links to recent posts, categories and archive pages. You do not need to host your own JavaScript files to operate this function.
  • Stylized comment link beside post titles
  • Author highlighting in the comments section for readers to distinguish between author and reader comments.
  • Page numbered navigation for easy reference to blog posts.
  • All widget sections are easily customizable through the Page Elements section of your dashboard.
  • Font styles and colors may be customized through the Fonts and Colors section.
No prior knowledge of HTML or Blogger template tags are required to begin using this theme. You can be up and running with either color scheme within just a few minutes after purchase.

Full help files are included in the template download, along with a screencast to explain exactly how to upload and use this stylish and highly functional Blogger template.

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